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5.0 rating

Our kitchen sink drain was clogged. I called Elite and they scheduled an appointment the same day. Andrew Marquez was there within a couple of hours. He snaked our drain twice. It did not open the drain. Andrew was very polite and professional. He explained to us there was no charge for visit. He explained other options to us. We could have just left it as is, however, We opted for having them flush our pipe for us. This also include running a camera afterwards to show it’s clean and no other problems exist within the drain. Andrew’s attention to details is something you do not find too often nowadays. I am very glad I opted to Elite come and take care of our problem. I will use them again. I will recommend them to neighbors and friends. Big Kudos to Andrew.

Ed Nagle

Excellent service

5.0 rating

We had Issac Solis come to our home today. He was so professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He took care of the clogged drain quickly and left no mess behind. I will definitely call Elite Rooter for all of our plumbing needs and all of the other services they provide.

Judi Weinberg

Customer service beyond expectations

5.0 rating

We had our sewer block up solid the day before we were to leave for a week out of town. While away I did an internet search for a plumber that could come out the day after we got back. I found Elite Rooter and booked my appointment online. Elite showed up ON TIME. Alex & Ramon were our guys, they were very personable and professional. They went right to work and discovered the problem within 30 minutes. Now here’s where it gets interesting, the blockage was on the street side before entering the main sewer and they informed me I would have to call the city. Now keep in mind they ran a camera down the line to identify the problem, then ran a snake down the line to try and clear the blockage and when unsuccessful ran the camera down the line again so they could locate exactly where the blockage was and marked the spot in the street about 2 feet from the curb. I called the city and they informed me they would have someone in the field call me right back. It took two more calls to the city before we got a return call, all the while the guys were waiting with me so they could talk with the city and explain the problem and let them know where the blockage was. When the city called they asked to speak with the plumber. After Alex finished with the city they said they were through and there was nothing more they could do for me, that the city was on their way over and they would handle it from their end. When I asked how much I owed them their response was NOTHING. I couldn’t believe it, with all the time they spent finding the blockage and locating it in the street. I said “Surely there has to be a charge for the time spent here”, They informed me it was company policy that IF WE CAN’T CLEAR THE BLOCKAGE WE DON’T CHARGE YOU. My hats off to Elite Rooter, Alex and Ramon, Thank you for your exceptional service. You can be assured I will recommend you whenever the opportunity presents itself, I’m so pleased I chose you.

Joe Umbertino

Amazing job

5.0 rating

I want to thank Elite Rooter for sending Isaac Solis out to clear the drain in my bathroom sink. I have tried so many different things from the stores and was just wasting my money. He was very polite and professional, and got the job done quickly. Thank you so much! Now hopefully my kids won’t put anything else down the drain.


Highly professional and exceptional work ethic

5.0 rating

Issac was knowledgeable and diligent in his efforts to get our drains unclogged. It wasn’t an easy clog to figure out but he succeeded. He was positive in his attitude and determined. I will recommend him to anyone, and I will definitely call him if I have any plumbing needs in the future.

Alicia Vargas

Backed up drains

5.0 rating

Prompt and friendly service. will use again.


Military Discount and good service

5.0 rating

This Elite Rooter company honored a military discount they offered online. I was excited to save a few bucks. Our main line was backed up, so we feared the worst and received many quotes. The price was reasonable, and the discount sure helped us out.

Leonard J.

I don't usually leave reviews but...

5.0 rating

This company was really good. The guy was pleasant to work with. He answered all my questions about the home plumbing. I will use them again, and actually referred my neighbor to use them as well.

Tina Slackey

Great overall experience

5.0 rating

I have a new favorite rooter team in town. These guys were true professionals from start to finish. I will be saving the number.

Kimmie J.